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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  January 25, 2013 1:00pm-4:00pm PST

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$700 a share. it is possible we are seeing a buying opportunity and a lot of mutual funds and institutional investors, guy who is do this for a living have been buyers. there plenty of reasons for the drop we are seeing. consumers are switching to less expensive devices and there legitimate worries about the competition that is gaining on apple. victor? >> we are ending the week. where are we looking as we close out friday. >> stock continues to climb. you are seeing the dow within a stone's throw of 14,000. this is all because of good news in a housing market. this week we found out sales are at the highest levels in years. earnings are pretty strong considering. s&p 500, we are watching that level. 1500, we haven't seen that level in years.
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investors are taking note. a big test is next week when gdp comes out for the final three months of last yore and a january jobs report. that could change things around a tad. >> now at the new york stock exchange, there is the bell. thank you very much. that does it for us. i'm victor blackwell for brooke baldwin. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts now. wolf? >> thanks very much. happening now, don't let today's pictures fool you. president obama is deciding to give top level white house jobs to women. we are also looking at how the pentagon is planning to respond to north korea's new round of threats including nuclear tests and the vice president's sneaky strategy to try to pressure gun owners to support the administrations. pushing for new gun control laws. you are in "the situation room."
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. we begin with the reshuffling at the white house. a few hours ago, president obama announced he is moving the deputy security adviser do into the position of white house chief of staff. today's big news as the president's clear response to complaints that women were not getting enough top level jobs. the white house correspondent has the latest information. jessica? update us on what's going on. it's a sensitive subject. >> it is. in choosing dennis mcdonough he chose comfort, friendship and trust over political pressure and the chance to make history that would have come for naming the first female chief of staff to the post. dennis donough is a long time trusted aid. here's what the president said when he announced the choice.
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>> i have been counting on dennis for nearly a decade. since i first came to washington. when he helped set up my senate office along with pete erous. he showed me where the restrooms were and how you passed a bill. i should point out that even then dennis had gray hair. i have been trying to catch up to him. at that time i relied on his intellect and good judgment. that has continued ever since. he has been one of my closest and most trusted advisers on my presidential campaign and my transition team. he has been an indispensable member of my national security team as well. dennis has played a key role in every major national security decision of my presidency. >> wolf, in addition naming dennis mcdonough the president's
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chief of staff, he named four women to eastern post. among them lisa monaco who is at the justice department, a former federal prosecutor who is being tapped to become the president's senior adviser as his homeland security adviser, taking the place of john brennan. brennan is being moved over to the cia and if brennan is confirmed there, he will now have a woman advising him on homeland security matters. it would not be the first time a woman filled this role. fran townsend, now adviser to cnn previously held that post for the bush administration, but it would be a woman taking a senior post. we have learned that sylvia matthews burr well who worked in the clinton administration is the top contender for omb director although that is not done. >> janet napolitano is staying
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on as secretary as well. thanks for that. jessica yellen at the white house. let's dig deeper with the correspondent, cnn's state of the union. women are coming in. there women in the administration. does he still have a gender diversity problem? >> let's ask this when we get further down the line. this is not about the title. when you look around and you look at chief of staff, secretary of state pentagon chief, those are -- the treasury secretary, those are the most powerful cabinet level and chief of staff is not, but positions. the question is and the complaint has been at least previously, we will have to check what it is now, but the complaint previously from women in the white house has been to listen to us. it's not about the title, but the proximity. >> that's a serious complaint. we will see what happens on this front. mcdonough as the chief of staff.
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a lot of foreign policy experience and not a lot of domestic policy experience. how do you read the announcement? >> he has jack lew. he has joe biden to send up for the all-important relationships on capitol hill. i think this was a legacy pick. the president now has as we know an ambitious agenda that he laid out in the inaugural address. the question is, who is going to protect those goals from him? it's someone he has been with ever since his federal public life has started. that's mcdonough. this is somebody he trusts to protect not just himself. not just the staff, but to move that legacy and the obama era sooner or later will come to an end. the president clearly wants to
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make the major shape now. i think that's why he picked this man he trusts and has known for so long. >> john kerry ends before the senate foreign relations committee and he will be confirmed. i don't think there is any doubt about that. chuck hagel, that could be a little bit more. >> i think they will rough him up and be more lively than the john kerry hearings. in the end, the numbers. once senator schumer democrat said he answered all my questions, we know there have been meetings with others who have been critical and others with john mccain. he has done a lot of leg work and going into it, i don't think that mean that is it will be smooth sailing. they will be very tough questions and in the end they thought that he would be confirmed. >> how many republicans will vote to confirm him. we will find out. who is coming up on state of the union? >> dianne feinstein will talk about a number of things
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including the automatic weapons ban, but we will have on as well as former general hayden. we wanted to talk about women in the military. they are uniquely qualified to look at this and say how does it change things? we will have that and a group of republicans that come on from the outside. the virginia governor to tell us how they think they can fix the party from the outside. >> 9:00 a.m. eastern. we will be watching. thanks. >> today an appeals court handed the president a stinging defeat for the panel unanimously rule and three people named to the labor relations board were appointed unconstitutionally. he used his recess power even though the senate was holding pro forma sessions just to prevent such appointments. the senior legal analyst will be here in the next hour and go indepth and explain what's going on. a huge constitutional issue and
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almost certainly we will have to go before the u.s. supreme court. we move to the increasing tensions in one of the most dangerous parts of the world. a million north korean troops faced nearly as many forces along with 30,000 u.s. troops along the zone. today, north korea warned of what they call strong physical counter measures if south korea takes direct part in new un sanctions. this is in the wake of new north korean threats against the united states. cnn pentagon correspondent looked into how dangerous the nuclear capability really is. what are you hearing there sf. >> the rhetoric out of pyongyang is very hot. the question you raise is the one the administration has to take a look at. how real and dangerous is the nuclear threat? >> north korea's latest saber
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rattles threatening the south just one day after pyongyang said they will have missiles and conduct a new nuclear test leaving now doubt kim jung un is not giving up his father's nuclear program. >> they have the capability to conduct the tests in a way that make it very difficult to determine whether or not they are doing. >> there signs they are ready to test if ordered. >> they are maintaining fairly high state of readiness at the test site. if the order is given from pyongyang to go ahead, they can probably conduct the test in a few weeks. >> satellite shows a tunnel entrance where the device may undergo final assembly, a bunker for personnel and equipment and a communications network to make sure the order to detonate can be carried out. north korea's weapons grade
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inventory is believed to include plutonium for up to 12 devices and enough enriched uranium for six more. how dangerous is all of that? >> i think we are years away from north korea having a capability to deliver a warhead on a missile even to a country as close as japan and south korea and further away from the united states. >> the nuclear threat is closer, a lot closer than iran's. north korea has nuclear devices. iran does not. north korea has weapons grade color. iran does not. north korea has tested long range missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead. iran has not. in a new test, the regime has to show the bomb design actually works. a 2006 test fizzled. a 2009 test worked better.
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it was half as powerful as the bomb that destroyed hiroshima. if it went off at the capital, it would obliterate two square miles. i have to tell you the experts we are talking to said the pace of activity continues at that north korean site, basically a test could come at any time. wolf? >> a sense situation. we will watch it with you. thank you. the obama administration's fight for gun restrictions is not aimed at republicans. the vice president targets a state where both senators are democrats. a harrowing look at how law and order is being maintained in the middle of a war. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better.
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the white house has the fight over new gun restrictions to the american people. they are trying friendly persuasion in virginia where two democratic senators are caught between party loyalty and pro gun voters. joe johns is walking in "the situation room" and got more on the obama administration's latest tactics in dealing with a very, very sensitive subject. >> gun control, wolf, in the heart of gun country. the vice president will call it gun safety. he took his show on the road to richmond, virginia with the newly proposed ban to figure out messaging that could help get badly needed support in the congress. >> in the battle to sell the assault weapons ban, both vice president biden and democrats in
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congress are making one thing loud and clear. >> the bill protects hunters and sports men by protecting 2200 specifically named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes. they are by make and model exempted from the legislation. >> the goal is to get hunters on board early by assuring them the guns are safe. >> none of us want to take away the hunting rifle that uncle tommy gave you when you were 14. we don't want to do that. >> by progun rights advocates, it's divide and conquer to splinter the nr a's constituency and persuade members of congress from pro gun parts of the country to sign on. >> the ability of a member struggling with what they think as difficult politics back home, the ability of that number to go home and have that conversation with people in the audience who
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they start out angering, but to get them to feel better when they know they are protected makes a big difference. >> here's the problem. for the sports shooter who is use assault weapons and magazines at firing ranges or for hunting, they wouldn't be able to buy ar 15s and rifles anymore. >> most are using another type of weapon, they are also recreational shooters and many of them engage in the occasional shooting of an ar-style rifle. >> it's clear the national rifle association is not getting on board with any of this. as the president said in a speech this week. >> we believe in our right to defend ourselves. and our families. with semi automatic firearms technology. >> that raises doubts whether the proposal can pass in congress. biden and others have a fall back position, focusing on magazines and ammunition instead
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of the weapons themselves that could also affect hunters and sports shooters. >> i am less concerned about what you call an assault weapon than i am about magazines and the number of rounds that can be held in a magazine. >> the big question is whether this divide and conquer strategy is working to get support for the assault weapons ban. they said the answer is no. they say their own phone survey of 1,000 members done a month after the newtown shooting showed the vast majority of respondents still opposed to banning semi automatic weapons. >> a huge battle for dianne feinstein and the democrats. the out come very much uncertain. >> very much. even in the senate where there a lot of democrats from red states. republican states. >> to be sure. thank you. >> other news we are following, a fight over gun control is a world away from the dangers of
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the city. on the frontlines of the war between the rebels and the forces, a surprising part of the normal life, the courts and the trials and apparently they continue to function. cnn's ivan watson takes us inside syria. >> a city at war. despite constant danger, hundreds of thousands of syrians can't afford to flee. >> some have gotten used to living in a state of war. that doesn't mean they want to live in a state of anarchy. some judges, lawyers and clerics have gathered to create a system of court in rebel-held territory. at the office of a group that is called the united courts council, they shuffled papers. >> is it a real court here?
1:20 pm
>> because it's a silly -- >> explosions rocked neighborhoods and these legal workers don't plinj. this court opened only four months ago. locals lineup for birth and death certificates even though it operates without authority from any central government. in the partial personal affairs court, they argue over who gets custody of a house in a family dispute. this is a former judge. he defected from the syrian government and is now the general prosecutor for this fledgeling rebel judicial system. >> this is an emergency solution and we came po work to maintain law and order.
1:21 pm
even a temporary system needs jails. there about 100 people detained in what looks like a dungeon. >> the prison guards divided cells in the basement they established for male civilian prisoners and down at the end of this hall for military prisoners, some of whom come from the government army and some from the rebel-free syrian army. a court founded by rebels -- has imprisoned rebels accused of war crimes. a fighter swears to god he is innocent and then collapses on the floor. he said he is accused of leading fighters into a battle of many rebels. like most of the inmates, this rebel does not want to show his
1:22 pm
face. >> i'm a member of the free syrian army. i tortured a fighter and he died. >> the conditioned are cold, dark, and grim. >> we find an inmate accused of being a government spy. she salutes the embattled president. may got give victory to him, she said. the scene is not pretty. one of the clerics who has been a pointed a judge for military crimes insists these temporary measures are necessary. >> we believe the work will prepare us because then there will be anarchy. >> the judges say they use a coat based on the islamic law.
1:23 pm
they are trying to export their experiment in law and order to other rebel-held cities and towns. it is a desperate plan, they admit, to stop syria from descending further into chaos. cnn, syria. >> in a related story, the u.s. announced an additional $10 million in money to help a lepo's bakeries to buy flour for bread that should feed 10,000 people for five months. it's being called the title nine. a landmark decision from the obama administration that evens the playing field for school sports. plus, apple takes a fall. you will find out which company dethroned the tech giant as the most valuable company. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
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on the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled mubarak. some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. what's the latest? >> protesters have been setting
1:27 pm
fires and throwing rocks at police in tahrir square. more than 200 civilians and dozens of officers have been injured in clashes. people have been reported dead. egypt is divided between supporters of the president and those disillusioned. they claim morsi hijacked the new democracy and ideals. the federal government wants students with disabilities to have access to sports. new rules on the mandate that disabled students must be given a fair shot to play on traditional sports teams or be given their own athletic programs. the guidelines are compared to title nine for women in sports. another bruise for apple. exxon-mobil edged out to become the world's most valuable company. the company's value dropped
1:28 pm
below exxon to $415 billion. in britain, a soccer player has been charged with violent conduct for this. wow! kicking a ball boy. we showed you this video yesterday. chelsea kicked the ball boy for not releasing the ball fast enough. the charge comes with a three-game suspension. look at the video. the football association has that increase in the penalty and they have until tuesday to respond to those. what was this guy thinking? >> we have a good idea. >> it's awful. thank you. jeb bush stepped into the reform today and said the republican party should go for a big deal on comprehensive immigration reform. we will discuss that next in the strategy section. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp.
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he supported tax increases. what does that say to you? >> two things. he joins a growing list of senators whoa are frustrated with the senate. that's a problem for all americans. not one party or another, but it has to be functional again. two, split cally speaking, it's not a safe republican state. this is what people have to keep their eye on. republicans lean as the favorites in the beginning. nothing is a sure thing even in the state of georgia. >> what do you think? you study georgia closely. >> absolutely. one of the first states i campaign in. he said it has been a really
1:33 pm
outstanding conservative member before i got to know him. as well as the united states senate. he is on the farm bills and authored most of the authorization bills. clearly his decision is personal i'm sure. he is frustrated with washington, d.c. and members of both parties are frustrated with the gridlock. the republicans will nominate somebody in main street, but while georgia is the so-called red state, president obama was able to get more than 45% of the vote there. i assume that we are going have a credible democrat who will seek the party's nomination. >> it's interesting that the conservative was afraid that even more conservative republicans may challenge him and he decided time to move on. let's move on ourselves. jeb bush the former florida governor cowrote a piece of the "wall street journal" calling for comprehensive immigration
1:34 pm
reform among other things, writing this. some tell us makers are calling for piece meal changes such as issuing visas or conferring legal status of immigrants who were brought in as children. congress should avoid such quick ficks and commit itself instead to comprehensive immigration reform. the decision to in effect join the president who is calling for immigration reform, what does it say to you? >> i know another president whose name was bush in a similar spot. that's where i am. i don't care if it happens irchg relatally or comprehensively. the coalition can make it happen. it's the right thing to do. you have to understand his panics are coming to the country because the moms want the same thing for their children. a chance to make it in america
1:35 pm
and play by the rules and pay the taxes and make it here. that's what we mead. that's the answer to a lot of other problems with demographics and social security. we want a young, vibrant working society. a lot to be said for it. i think on the republican side you can start to see an increasing number of voices on the side of immigration reform and the tactic to me, that's not as important as getting it over the finish line. >> a lot of republicans hear the word comprehensive and think it's code word for amnesty, letting illegal immigrants stay in the united states, something approved in the reagan administration and is this what we are talking about? a pathway to citizenship for 10 or 12 million in the united states? >> that might be part of the bill, a pathway and we have to
1:36 pm
look at the border secure and it's stricker and tighter, but about two years ago, i believe senator graham and chuck schumer in terms of principals and what could be a comprehensive bill. i would hope that marco rubio and menendez and other members of the senate work together to gather something that is strong and comprehensive. a piece meal approach will not work. >> is this amnesty? >> you will see changes in the republican party on this issue. the republicans recognized politically that they have to have more inclusive policies. they have to reach out to people and morally. it's the right thing to do. welcome people to the country. it makes us stronger and enriches us. i think you will see a different tone to the debate and think there will be elements in both parties that oppose it.
1:37 pm
they worry that wages will be kept down if you let people into america. whatever you call it, amnesty. there is going to be the elements that will be marginalized and be fewer this debate than last time. >> i don't think there is any doubt they have a chance of passing comprehensive immigration and president bush tried unsuccessfully even though you have and ted kennedy. plunging temperatures, ice and snow gripping much of the country right now. take a look at this. coming downright here in washington, d.c. that's the white house. it's white. a little bit whiter because of the snow. we are looking at the cold weather around the country including new york where people are still feeling the pain from super storm sandy.
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1:40 pm
the bitter cold is moving over the southeast and mid-atlantic areas. the storm is expected to spread freezing rain and ice over much of the southeast as well. let's turn to cnn.
1:41 pm
>> looks like the event is taking place in washington, d.c. and will be fast moving. the temperature at 23 degrees and the temperatures hover around the upper teens to low 20s for the overnight hours. this will move through fairly quickly. you have low visibility and you can see one or two inches. we move towards the southeast. this is interesting and the coldest temperatures are across the tri-state area in tennessee. upstate sections of georgia. as a result, quite a bit of icing across the region. numerous reports of car accidents in charlotte, north carolina. the ice is moving towards the east and there is a blaze of ice on the roadways. interstates kiting across charlotte and to knoxville. oak ridge and tricities area making for extremely dangerous road conditions. here's what i was talking about with the system.
1:42 pm
breezy between 15 and 25 miles per hour. >> when can we expect the break? >> i was hoping you you would ask that. this is going to be interesting. it was in the late 1800s. 335 days with the first inch of snowfall. that was an all time record. look at this. we go to tuesday. 45 degrees and high temperature expected on tuesday. in new york, look at this. temperatures in the 50s. we go from 20s to the 50s by the middle of the workweek.
1:43 pm
we look at washington, d.c., the temperatures will be bouncing around. 63 degrees, wolf. quite a different day than what we are seeing as temperatures above normal by the beginning part of next week. new yorkers are doing their best to deal with the bitter temperatures. in staten island, an area hard hit by super storm sandy. residents are dealing with another challenge and getting warm in the midst of all of this. the cold is rough on everybody. we are at a tend that has been here since day three after super storm sandy. this was set up by a woman who lives in one of the other borrows in new york city. donating tent and inside this area, she has got car seats and
1:44 pm
canned food and water and this kind of thing. she has been providing meals for people at its height, 100 meals a day. it is being used for people who more or less want to hang out and if they don't want to go to a shelter, they come here. let's take a look inside. they can get a nice buffet line set up here where they can come and eat and people who were residents of the area who their homes may be okay, but they are coming around to talk to each other and get strength from each other. other who is don't want to go to shelters can stay if they want to. volunteers are keeping an eye on things at night. those who decide to cleep here. you have been doing wonderful work here. how do you think you are doing their part? >> i am keeping them warm and it's not about the cold.
1:45 pm
there other issues that need to be taken care of. people who need money from their insurance and fema to rebuild. >> definitely more work needs to be done. we are in the fight of our lives. we will be fighting for a long time. we should not be left out in the cold. it's not only about the cold. everyone started coming in because of the cold. yes, ten blankets can keep us warm. we can huddle together. we are here with no heat or electricity. this is basic needs. this is the united states of america. that's a disgrace in the greatest country in the world. >> more needs to be done. >> a lot more needs to be done. thank you very much. >> clearly this weekend will be rougher. they are predictioning snow
1:46 pm
tonight and temperatures in the teens all weekend long. >> wish them our best. the very, very best on staten island. thank you. >> the surprising stance from the super bowl star reaction to manti te'o's interview. we will speak with the first reporter to interview after the scandal erupted. i don't like v8. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing th lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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. >> arguably this is one of the hottest times of the year for sports fans. basketball in full swing. hockey is finally back. everyone is counting down to the super bowl and a ton of off the field news to discuss with the next guest. espn's jeremy, thanks very much for coming in. let's discuss some of these other issues. let's start with notre dame's manti te'o. you intrude him for 2 1/2 hours after we learned that the girlfriend on social media was really fake. you know this guy. do you believe what he is saying? >> you know, wolf, it's always kind of an awkward condition as a reporter. we asked whether you believe someone you are covering. it was unusual and an off
1:50 pm
camera. it was a proxy for people who were interested in the story. i can't say whether he was telling the truth. i can't say whether he was telling the truth. i found him credible and believable. to me it couldn't be explained. most people have come to the conclusion over the last eight or nine days hearing the evidence that he was most likely the victim here. the simplest explanation is most often the correct explanation. i think that's what we are probably dealing with. >> in the on camera interview he had with katie couric, did you see inconsistencies from your interview that was off camera. >> i didn't. there was elaboration and they went places i hadn't gone. had him elaborate on points that
1:51 pm
he made to me. i didn't see daylight between my interview last friday and miss couric's interview that took place on tuesday. at this point perhaps the public appetite for the story is drying up. it has been exhausting and confusing. we might never know exactly what happened. i understand there was late word that the alleged hoaxster here is going to be talking for the first time and i got an e-mail about this. i think to dr. phil, i don't know if you heard that. >> that's what we heard as well. we will look forward to hearing what he has to say. he is obviously the center of this storm. let's move on and talk about another sports story. there is a super bowl coming up. i assume you heard about that. not that long down the road. there was a baltimore ravens linebacker.
1:52 pm
you probably know he caused a stir. he is defending gay marriage which is unusual for a pro athlete to talk about these kind of issues. listen to what he said to wbal. >> to me personally, i city as a human rights issue. it's not gay rights. it's equal and human rights. whether it's sufferage or going back to slavery or segregation, it's all the same to me. i got a lot of scrutiny. i am known as the gay ambassador. >> here supports it. he is not saying he is gay, but supporting gay rights. how unusual is this? >> very unusual. i know him fairly well personally. he feels strongly about this issue. he is heterosexual and married with two kids and has a lot of gay friends. he wants them to enjoy the same rights that he and most americans enjoy. this is highly unusual because it is the last taboo in some
1:53 pm
respects. we never had a male pro athlete in any major team sports ever come out. not with all the tens of thousands of athletes in the major leagues. the pro football and the nhl, it never happened. it's too difficult for someone to do that in a locker room setting. i think based on the response of his outspokenness, we might be moving in a direction for the first time where active pro athletes from the major team sports who are male can say they are homosexual and not be ostracized. there have been female athletes in team sports and former professional athletes who are male on the team sports and overseas, there rugby players and whales in australia. never in this country. i think we are moving in that direction. >> there is an active athlete in the baseball, football, basketball. when they retire from sports, many who are gay of course have
1:54 pm
done that. only a few. you are absolutely right. very quickly, a story close to my heart, baseball fan. you know the mascots, four presidents. they are about to add a fifth president. there is a big discussion who that fifth president for these races that washington nationals park, who the fifth president is. you have to pick who you would like to see. >> i have to tell you, i follow this closely and i was happy to see teddy roosevelt win. these are the mount rush more presidents. if we are talking about someone who can win, it's george hw bush. he played in yale and the college world series. he was a righty hitting lefty first baseman. outstanding player. met babe ruth. i'm for bush. >> what it would be george washington, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln and teddy
1:55 pm
roosevelt and george w. bush. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i think george w. bush. maybe fdr. >> stature, yeah. >> two roosevelts is confusing. >> maybe. i have to think about it and announce it tomorrow. we will be at the nationals games and spring training coming up very, very soon. thanks very much for that. >> sure. >> a prominent republican not mincing words saying his party needs to stop being stupid. they are meeting in north carolina. what they can do to rebound and remake their brand. would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. . >> here's a look at the hour's hot shots. a muslim shows flowers over the birth of the prophet festival. they commemorate the birth of the poet robert burns in 1759. in australia, the tennis star andy murray signs autographs for the men's semi final. a passerby snaps a photo of frozen shots. pictures from around the world. imagine your bedroom and bathroom and kitchen all in only about 300 square feet.
1:59 pm
it may seem small, but not necessarily in new york city. mary? >> many new yorkers all right joke that they live in apartments the size of closets. even so, the city sees room to downsize. they are planning to add microapartments to make space for the people living alone. in a city tight on living space, things are about to get tighter. this one room is living room, bedroom, dining room. >> these are what are called a microapartment. squeeze into the area the size of a modest hotel room. >> then if you don't want to look at the television, you have a bar. they are traditional ideas that have been updated. they are modern and sexy way.
2:00 pm
>> some new yorkers live in tiny spaces and the modern sleekness may be tough to maintain. >> reserving nearly half for low and middle income residents. museum of new york curator. >> why the need to live like this? >> the city will have this? >> they want smaller units. >> wa may buy a house in other parts of the country won't get you far in new york city. >> the price is $1.4 million for a small apartment.
2:01 pm
even though this seems expensive for new york, it's a bargain. >> for someone who thinks outside the box, but is willing to live in one. >> the city announced the microyurnts and expected to be ready in 2015. wolf? >> good luck to those folks. thank you. racing for the battle. brothers. why this year's super bowl may be more about the coaches than the ravens or the 49ers. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are in "the situation room."
2:02 pm
a republican party attempting to revise a new winning strategy in the november election. republican members are hunkered down at the annual winter meeting in north carolina. they reelected the committee chairman. the talk is extremely harsh at times with one prominent republican leader using the word stupid to describe the way he said the party has been behaving. let's bring in the political director on the scene for us. he is joining us with the latest information. pretty harsh words over there. >> yeah, there is. look, wolf, the republicans have come to grips with the results of the election. they did not win back the white house. they lost in the house of
2:03 pm
representatives and of course democrats remained in control of the united states senate. a lot of soul searching over the past couple of days for members of the republican national committee. these are the grass roots activists who come all across the country who make up the republican party. as you said, harsh words from the louisiana governor, bobby jindal who had to say this last night. >> we have got to stop being stupid. it's time for a new republican party that talks like it does. articulate our plans for america in real terms. no secret we had a number of republicans that damage the brand with offensive and bizarre comments. we had enough of that. >> we heard bobby jindal with harsh criticism. there is an acknowledgement right now amongst republicans and they need to change their brand.
2:04 pm
you seeing signs of change? practical changes already unfolding? >> as you said, the chairman was just reelected a few hours ago and he is talking about big change over the next couple of years that he said is needed for the republican party to be viable in years to come. this is what he had to say a couple of hours ago. >> we have to go places we haven't been. we have to invite new people to join us. we have to ask for the order. this is about more than the next two years. this is about 2016. this is about 2020 and beyond. >> there you have it. they are talking about the republican party needs to create an infrastructure that not only reaches out to the traditional republican base, but go into the minority communities and go
2:05 pm
after young voters. it will cost a lot of money. for the republican party to be viable, especially with the shifting demographics and what we saw in the november election, it needs to happen. that will be his priority in the next couple of years. wolf? >> mark on the scene for us. our chief national correspondent john king is joining with us a way forward for the republican party. they have major challenges right now. >> they do. number one is if you noticed a lot of candidates and beat incumbents and the candidates in primaries in 2012 or 2010, they will have to hurt the republican party. one of the things to watch is how do they enforce the battles? another thing and i would say to the governor, it's going to be approved. they are going into every community and competing for the votes and latino votes. jack kemp from buffalo, the
2:06 pm
former buffalo bill, he said that back in the reagan days. he meant it. they first came to washington and said that and meant it. the republicans have never followed up on a consistent basis from the point they can start to chip away among african-americans and the republicans have scannedered what they had for them around 40%. they will have to prove it there. more thing they said. i want to you listen to this and remember who the candidate was. he was talking about the kwloer glory days for republicans. listen. >> we have four years until the next presidential election. being a blue state is not a permanent diagnosis. look at the screen here next to me. just three presidents ago in 1988, republicans won in places like california, illinois,
2:07 pm
connecticut, delaware, vermont, new hampshire, new jersey. if we make the commitment, we can win again. >> he didn't use the name. that was george hw bush. he won 40 states because dukakis ran a bad campaign. obama is to the left of dukakis. to bring george hw bush, he broke the no new taxes pledge. he was considered a pariah. he said stop thinking the old way and just because somebody is more progress mattic and moderate, that makes them a bad republican. we need to shake our way of thinking. >> he changed the message a little bit. the governor of louisiana, he uses strong words and they are trying new techniques to see if they can change the playing field. >> a number at the state level. they are exploring changing the
2:08 pm
way we count electoral college votes. walk over to the magic wall. if you change the way only two states now. only in nebraska allocate by whether or not you win by the congressional district. pennsylvania, florida, virginia and ohio are looking at changing that to say you should allocate this on a congressional district race. look at the country. president obama won a convincing electoral college victory. i will show you by county. the same if you go back to 2008. look at the red. obama wins the pedestrian huge in 2008, but look at the red. obama wins huge in 2012. look at the red. if all 50 states allocated electoral college votes, guess what, mitt romney would have won 273 to 262. obama still would have beat john mccain, but by a smaller margin. if you look at the state of
2:09 pm
ohio, the president carries it with 51%, but mitt romney carried 12 of the congressional districts. this state is considering a bill that is not winner take all. do it by congressional district. the air comes out and another state of virginia. the governor said he doesn't support this law. not enough support this law. in the state of virginia again, president obama narrowly carries it. if you look at it here, it's 7 of 11. mitt romney carried 7 of the 11 and he would have won the majority. if you pull out to the country by congressional district, in all 50 states, mitt romney is the president today. this appears to be dying a little bit. if you did have a change like this, look at it. what would change? democrats would be down campaigning in places like alabama and georgia. any of these voting rights states that have african american districts. we would have a campaign in which republicans would be out
2:10 pm
campaigning in california. we haven't seen that since the bush campaign in 1988. in the states of pennsylvania and especially new york. if you did this in all 50 states, it would make for a very, very different election. that's not the wolf republicans are talking about. they have a standful of states that would benefit them. that has been a thought after the campaign. >> it's only nebraska and maine that do this. they allocate by congressional districts. every state would have the ability to do it if they wanted to. >> states do have the right to do it since they are relatively small. it hasn't come to make a huge distinction. we did talk about the possibility of 269 or 269. it didn't turn out that way. it's possible in a close election that the thought process with republicans is what can we do to get more out of pennsylvania and ohio and virginia? the governor put the ka bosh on
2:11 pm
that. if you did it in an international level, candidates would campaign in states where the last 10 to 16 years we evaporate seen it. >> it would be a fascinating development. >> thanks very much. in our 6:00 p.m. eastern hour, the chairman of the republican national committee will be my guest right here in "the situation room." so is louisiana governor bobby jindal right to call his republican party stupid? i will ask the former republican candidate and the house speaker newt gingrich who is standing by live here in "the situation room." a major set back for president obama after a federal court ruling.
2:12 pm
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2:14 pm
a big day at the white house. president obama naming his depp dee security adviser to be the new chief of staff to replace jack lew who is the treasury secretary nominee. >> he has been one of my closest and most trusted advisers on the presidential campaign and the transition team. he has been an indispensable member of the national security team as well. dennis played a key roll n every decision of my presidency. >> the president who has been scrutinized for persufed diversity announced a new senior level position over at the white house. a recess appointment made by the
2:15 pm
president saying they are unconstitutional and use of power. it could set the stage for a supreme court battle between the white house and congress. >> joining us, how significant is this? >> this is a huge defeat for president obama and a great victory for senate republicans. >> what does it mean for the future? why is it a big deal? >> whenever the president is trying to appoint someone and the senate for whatever reason doesn't approve them right away or at all, the president can do what's called a recess appointment that means he can appoint this person for about a year without the senate. this decision takes that option away. basically 40 senators now and there more than 40 republicans is they stop a nominee for president obama if the decision stands.
2:16 pm
they have no way around to put the people on the agencies wherever they are. >> the republicans really didn't go into recess. they would convene for a few seconds. >> correct. this decision said the recess appointments as they have been done not just by president obama, but all presidents in recent decades. they are all unconstitutional. >> sorry this a political decision? >> this is the question that is hard to answer. these are three very conservative republican judges. the political implications of the decision are clear. for a republican anti-democrat and can i say that that was the motivation of the judges? i can't. >> can we assume it's the u.s. supreme court that will consider this or leave it hanging? >> they have to. it's too important of a decision and think the supreme court will take it. >> this is an automatic.
2:17 pm
>> almost automatic. very difficult to predict because this is an aggressive conservative majority on the supreme court. citizens united and campaign finance. the second amendment and gun control. this court has been aggressively conservative and it could be affirmed by the supreme court. >> what are does it say about president obama? >> the d.c. circuit court of appeals that decided this case often called the second most important court in the country, there four vacancies and president obama is the first president in recent history to have no appointees on the court. he nominated one and that person was filibustered. there lots of vacancies and he hasn't put a lot of emphasis, but decisions like this show how important it really is. >> why hasn't he done this? >> this is one of the great mysteries in part has to do with the very aggressive opposition of the republican who is stopped
2:18 pm
and an unusually high number of nominees. president obama has just not put a lot of emphasis on it. hasn't talked about it publicly and i think he is going for the failure to pay attention. >> we will hear a lot more about it. thanks very much. >> mitt romney is here for the first time in a month. why he is visiting the nation's capital. the best story of the super bowl may not involve the players on the field as much as the coaches on the sidelines. >> how sickly competitive are these guys. if they were in the donner party, i don't know who would survive. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes
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2:21 pm
. >> this is washington, d.c. you can see the capitol behind the american flag. you know what else you see? a lot of snow coming down here in washington. a lovely sight for those of us who like snow. i do. president obama begins the push for immigration reform in las vegas next week. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. the other top stories in "the situation room," what's the latest, lisa? >> aids to the president said
2:22 pm
they will sketch out his plans and improving border security in cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers. the most controversial part of the plan is creating a passion way to citizenship for illegal immigrants. he is expected to get more specifics in the state of the union address. a cia officer will spend 30 months in proven for revealing the identity of an agent. his own attorney admitted he was thoughtless in leaking the administration. that was betraying a solemn trust. mitt romney is in washington for the first time since last month's lunch. he and his wife are expected to attend the dinner by power brokers and business elite. president obama was at the dinner in 2009 and last year, but not clear if the president will be there tomorrow.
2:23 pm
he will receive the ipod award on may 19th and will be broadcast live from the mgm grand in las vegas. somehow or another, prince always looks the same through the years. >> you saw prince there and i saw that smile on your face. >> everybody knows the songs. purple rain. i want to talk about the snow. absolutely gorgeous. we are all going to have to drive in all of that in washington. we don't do snow as well as buffalo. >> it's real snow. thanks very much. republicans attempt to stem the political bleeding. up next i will ask newt gingrich how much damage has been done and what it will take to
2:24 pm
recover. newt gingrich is standing by live here in "the situation room." [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
let's get back to the top story this hour. the republican party effort to rebrand. joining us, the former presidential candidate, the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. thanks for coming in. bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana minced no words last time. you were there and came back from the meeting in north carolina.
2:27 pm
listen to this. >> we have to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious. it's time for a new republican party. time to articulate the plans and the visions for america in real terms. it's no secret we had a number of republicans that damaged with offensive and bizarre comments and we had enough of that. we have to stop insulting the intelligence of voters and trust the smarts of the american people. do you agree? >> there is a comment by irving crystal in 1976 entitled the stupid party and prior to ronald reagan, we were going through the same thing. i thought bobby's speech was terrific and i recommended the newsletter today and recommended people read it and i linked to the speech and we just got elected chairman and gave an equally powerful speech.
2:28 pm
what's the most important thing you can do to go beyond white men. you lost young people. you lost minorities and hispanics and you have to reach out beyond that. for republican constituencies. >> let me start. somebody who has been at this a long time. by distinguishing the party from the presidential campaign. we have 30 governors with 315 electoral votes. 24 states that have a republican governor and state legislature with 51% of the country. we had an indian american woman, governor of south carolina appoint an african-american senator in tim scott. last night you had an indian american bobby jindal and is you sanny martinez, the governor of new mexico. the leader for the party and immigration will become senator marco rubio who i think is doing very intelligent things. >> you with him on immigration reform? >> saluting the pathway to
2:29 pm
citizenship? >> and clearly overtime, you talk about somebody who was here 25 years and obeyed the law and learns to speak english and american history. there has to be a pathway to be integrated into our society. >> a lot of fellow republicans think that is amnesty. >> the point that marco rubio makes is i think absolutely honestly correct. we have de facto amnesty. nobody is suggesting we are going to lock up 12 million people. he does not provide and he provides for a long process. he is the most thoughtful on the issue of immigration. >> marco rubio. if the president pushes to lay out his vision, you think there can be a deal? >> i think we have to wait and see what the vision is.
2:30 pm
>> we know his vision. >> i don't. my experience of president obama is whatever our position is, he would like to push us beyond what is acceptable. i will be curious to see -- for example if he wants immediate amnesty, the answer is no. if he wants amnesty without english as a language, the answer is no. there a number of steps in between and i want to wait and see. i would like to see the president's plan. he promised in 2008. i would like to see the president's plan. >> do you think republicans need to moderate the position on some other social issues, for example, gay marriage? >> we have to confront the reality with nine states that have legalized something which i don't personally believe is marriage. i think it's a legal contract. i think as a matter of religious belief, it's not marriage. most americans say. >> various christian denominations do. >> some accept that, but this is
2:31 pm
an issue that will continue to evolve and be talked about. one of the key questions is how do you defend religious liberty and the right to have your beliefs without the state imposing them. >> on the social issues or substantive issues like gay marriage or if you talk about guns, for example. in terms of the popularity, the country does want strong action to deal with this. background checks in particular. >> they are simple, but background checks had no impacts. the young man was given the guns by his father. >> you want them at gun shows some. >> i'm happy to have background checks. it would not have affected the killing in connecticut. there a group of people who have a set of issues they would like to pass. they bring up the same issues. senator feinstein had an idea 19
2:32 pm
years ago. she now has the same idea. it has nothing to do with what's going on. it's the idea she wants. most americans i would suggest to you with gun control in chicago with over 500 people killed last year and wonder why people on the left are not prepared to hold hearings in chicago to find out if gun control is a great idea. why was chicago not the capital of the u.s.? >> the current speaker, john boehner of the house talking about president obama's second term agenda. listen to this. >> so we are expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. i do believe that is their vote. to just chop us into a dust bit of history. >> do you agree with the speaker some.
2:33 pm
>> i think he was citing a cbs news record. >> he said it. >> clearly president obama would like to outmaneuver the republicans and would like to find a way to make us -- >> annihilate the republican party and shove us into the dust bin of history? >> that's the language used by the cbs news -- >> that's the speaker, john boehner used that language. whether or not jane dickerson of cbs news used that is irrelevant. the speaker of the house is relevant. >> i think he was triggered by what dickerson said. if obama could figure out a way to reduce us to the level of the republican party, he would do it in a heartbeat. >> what are is the decision not to seek reelection in 2014. he's a conservative and a republican incumbent and he was afraid he would be challenged in a primary. there were others and what does that say to you?
2:34 pm
>> it's an old friend and served the state very, very well. whatever he does next. there congress men like tom price that are looking at it and georgia. i think -- >> [inaudible]. >> we will never know that. a lot of people have one poll in january and a different poll a year and a half later. i think that there would be a number of strong candidates running and we will keep the seat and think it is just a part of the ongoing process. >> i think he said he is not going to run. >> i talk said to him separately. he is going to run. >> she. you are not going to run. >> i'm not going to run. i would love to go back to georgia. the senate is really hard. >> the house is not hard? >> the speaker of the house, you can do things. talk to your good friend.
2:35 pm
it's a very frustrating institution. >> newt gingrich will not run for the senate in georgia. thank you very much for coming in. many egyptians hoped the protest would open up a chapter for their country, but it's similar to what they endured two years ago.
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
exactly two years ago, thousands of egyptians stormed tahrir square and many failed to bring the prosperity that brought them here in the first place. the second anniversary was marked by violence including in tahrir. joining me now from cairo. what's it like on the special day? what happened? >> it's a half past midnight time here in cairo. most of the protesters have left at this hour. the location is relatively calm and we are seeing pockets of slashes in front of egyptian state tv where protesters continue to throw debris and
2:39 pm
rocks and molotov cocktails by throwing rocks themselves. other locations throughout egypt, also saw protests and violence. the clashes turned deadly in suez east of cairo where according to the interior ministry, six people were killed. five protesters and one police officer. it's hard to believe that it was two years ago when an up rising here in egypt on this day led to the ouster of mubarak. we had enough dictatorship and wanted human rights and more jobs. they managed to oust mubarak, but two years later, many here in egypt are not happy. we saw that throughout egypt today. >> who were the protesters and what did they want? >> these are the opposition
2:40 pm
faxes. the moderates and the liberals who claim the current president morsy had hijacked the revolution and the principals of the revolution for his part. mohammad morsi said these are unfair and saying he is defending the revolution and part of the revolution and moving the democratic process over and he has the support of the majority. he is asking for patience and trust. the problem, wolf, a lot of people we saw today don't trust them. many dislike him. >> where do things go from here? >> that's a good question. a lot of people eager to see what the future holds. we don't know. what's fascinating is that many of the problems egypt faces today are two, three, four years ago. a weak economy and joblessness and corruption. how is this president and government going to address these very real problems.
2:41 pm
many agree that it will have a ripple effect throughout the world. >> from cairo, thank you. democratic senator from connecticut is joining us right now. he is just back from a visit to egypt last week there with a congressional delegation from lindsay graham among others. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the second anniversary from the overthrow and saw thousands and thousands of people protested president morsi's government in tahrir square. you met with him last week with the congressional delegation. is he someone the u.s. can deal with? >> he is the elected leader of
2:42 pm
egypt and they have good reason to be in the streets. there is continuing corruption in the egyptian society and government. there very dire economic straights. 40% of the egyptian people make less than $2 a day. there high rates of unemployment and the rights of religious minorities and women are far from secure. fact we rurnlged president morsi to undertake amendments to the constitution to keel with corruption and other measures that make it easier to deal with him as the elected leader of egypt and we have no choice. he is the elected leader. >> you raised with him awful comments he made back in 2010 about israelis and jews among other things. he said arabs and muslims must cutoff relations with the plundering criminal entity of besiege. blood suckers and descendents of
2:43 pm
apes and pigs. he was the leader of the muslim motherhood and not the president of egypt. you condemned the comments and the white house condemned them. what did he say to you about that? >> what we did and we did it as a bipartisan delegation as you said earlier, senator mccain led this train and the white house and other, all of us strongly deplore and condemned these remarks with a vehement and vigor that was undiminished by anything he said to us. later they issued a statement in his name saying that he favored religious tolerance and that the remarks perhaps were taken out of context as you said. he made them before he became president. there ought to be zero tolerance for this kind of anti-semitic
2:44 pm
and anti-american-type of remark. we covered this for many, many years and we know the discourse is often flavored by this kind of rhetoric. unfortunately. the peace process may be impeded by it and ultimately egypt has upheld the treaty with israel and the hope is that it will continue to uphold it and we made that point as well. the president hopes. >> you hear these comments from the president of egypt and wonder why is the u.s. going ahead with the delivery of more f-16 jet fighters to egypt. do you support the delivery of that sophisticated war planes to egypt right now? >> i do, but the question is very, very pertinent and a good one. the reason for the sales is that they are tied directly to the camp david peace accords. they are executed through the
2:45 pm
sales. remember that these f 16s are not the most advanced. they would be decimated by the air force if there were a conflict. the military is dependent on the united states for training and pilots and for support of those planes. they are far from the use of the equipment. equally important is the military relationship demonstrated in the role played in helping to gain a ceasefire when the hamas and israel were in conflict. there is a relationship and egypt committed itself and continues officially to the peace accord which is vital. in the long run, each may rich to have this in economic terms
2:46 pm
simply because the economy is in dire straights. it's dependent on the imf with a $4 plus billion loan commitment. it will need all the economic aid it can muster. >> you say sales, these are sales the f 16 war planes that are going to egypt. the taxpayers pay by the billion plus a year in military aid they give egypt. is this money well spent for american taxpayers to basically provide free of charge these war planes to egypt? >> ultimately the best interest of both nations probably are better served by economic aid that will put egyptians to work and give them gainful employment and foster the growth of small businesses and so that the egyptians can hire their fellow citizens and economic aid i
2:47 pm
think has to be the subject of discussion between the two governments to replace the sales of military equipment. >> senator, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> a huge rally against abortion here in washington, d.c. the 40th anniversary of rowe versus wade. from the state where the landmark decision began.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
>> looking at live pictures, the u.s. capitol, it's snowing in washington, d.c. you can see the snow flakes. a lovely sight. thousands of antiabortion activists gathered for the annual march for life rally. it's time to go inside with the 40th an verse of the rowe versus wade decision in the united states. meantime a new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows for the first time a majority of americans, 54% believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases and 44% said it should be illegal. 70% of americans are opposed to
2:51 pm
the controversial rowe versus wade decision being overturned. 70% do not want it overturned. our senior medical correspondent travelled to texas where the case began to get a rare firsthand look at the fight over abortion today. >> wolf, this week marks the la wade case. i went back to texas to look at the state of abortion there. roe versus wade began in texas, and 40 years later, the situation here and much of the u.s. is complex. on the one hand, the gov march made this vow. >> my goal, and the goal of many of those joining me here today, is to make abortion at any stage a thing of the past. >> on the other hand, this is the reality. >> hi, it's elizabeth at cnn. >> great. come on in. i'm necessity whole woman's health clinic in austin where
2:52 pm
seven women will have abortions today. >> any more ultrasounds? >> i don't think so. i think they did the last one. >> amy started whole woman's health five years ago. she offers gynecology care that includes providing abortions to about 5,000 women a year. >> my main goal is to provide an oasis where she feels safe, comfortable, at peace. >> reporter: in the entire state, 72,470 women received abortions in 2011. in the u.s., nearly 1 in 3 women will have an abortion before the age of 45, according to the nonpartisan good macer institute. texas right to life. you have a lot more work to do. >> we do have a lot more work to do. because we continue to miss this many women in texas and other places. we redouble our efforts. >> reporter: anti abortion groups like hers have been hard at work. texas has cut off funding to
2:53 pm
planned parenthood, and women in texas have to see a doctor and wait 24 hours before having an abortion. plus -- before a woman is allowed to have an abortion, she has to come here to the ultrasound room. the doctor has to ask her, do you want to see the image? do you want to hear the heartbeat? she can say no, but she does have to listen to the doctor describe the image. are there internal organs? are there arms and legs? is there a heartbeat. these restrictions haven't stopped people like amy heck strom-miller who provide abortions. the anti abortion movement is so huge, so strong, have they won? >> i don't think some of we've had all these attacks from the outside and we're still able to manage to provide access, but really good care for women. >> reporter: like in many other states, anti abortion groups in texas are working to pass legislation to make it even harder to have an abortion which means a new fight in a state where both sides have vowed to never rest.
2:54 pm
wolf, i asked that clinic owner, do the ultrasounds make a difference? change women's minds? she says in her experience, no, women still proceed with the abortion. she says these women know what they are doing and most of them have been pregnant before. however, anti abortion activists say that the ultrasounds do sometimes make a difference. they have seen women decide not to abort after seeing the image. wolf. >> elizabeth cohen with that report, thank you. we can guarantee a harbaugh will coach the winning team in the super bowl. one of the best stories in the super bowl, even if the two coaches don't want to talk about it we're all having such a great year in the gulf,
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best. better eggs. it's eb. . at the super bowl, no more intriguing subplot than the sibling rivalry between the two coaches, jim and john harbaugh say there's nothing to see here, we should be focusing on the players and the players and lone. not easy to ignore the dynamic between the two very different men. brian todd joining us with more. what are you seeing? >> they are different in some ways, very similar in others. specifically the competitiveness that they share. apparently, john and jim harbaugh have not spoken to each other this week, since their teams both won trips to the super bowl. they have exchanged text
2:58 pm
messages, that's about it that speaks to their competitiveness and the fact that brothers are more eager to focus on football and strategy than the story everyone is talking about. they have tried to downplay the family angle, but it's virtually impossible. >> i don't think you ever put your family aside, joe, you know, but -- well, the priorities, we have a job to do. all of us have to a job to do. all of his coaches, all our coaches and players, everybody focused on doing their job. >> john harbaugh is talking about the fact that he and jim are about to become the first brothers ever to become head coaches against each other in a super bowl. john's baltimore ravens against jim's 49ers. inundated with the story, sick of it already, they were still able to have fun. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john?
2:59 pm
>> john. >> what's up, john? >> is that john harbaugh. >> hey, john. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> sister joanie recognizing the voice just in time. vowing to appear neutral on super bowl sunday out of fairness and knowing what their boys are made of. >> how sickly competitive are these boys? if they were both in the donner party, i don't know who would survive. their father jack, 43 years as a high school and college football coach. instant sports legends. there is a prov ocative side. once when their dad was coaching western kentucky university, the program ran out of money. jim, then a star nfl quarterback and john, an assistant at the university of cincinnati, volunteered to help the program
3:00 pm
for free. they turned it around and nine years later, the school won a division i-a a national title. one thought was him running up a score and for once bouncing past a coach while celebrating a win. in the super bowl -- >> two teams with ruthless coaches, vicious defense. what things get out of hand, fights in the game? >> two harbaughs enter the steel cage. one leaves. if it's a contentious game and it gets ugly, i want to look at that postgame handshake, how much of it is genuine and how much of it is i have to appear like i like my brother. >> teams went at it once before, on thanksgiving day 2011. >> i'm proud of him. i love him. i'm his biggest supporter. right next to his wife. but, you know, this week, he's just someone we're trying to beat. >> now, that time jim's 49ers lost to john's ravens. this time mom says half jokingly she's hoping for a tie.
3:01 pm
she won't get it, but you know where she's coming from. >> of course i do. a third person really successful in the sports world as well. >> joanie married to come crane, head coach of the indiana university men's basketball team this is a family pretty much on a roll. >> certainly are. good luck to both of the head coaches. appreciate it. happening now, some women believe there is something wrong with this picture. this hour the president's new hires. new satellite photos reveal north korea's leader may be able to carry out a nuclear test. the republican party chair responds to a gop governor plea for the party to stop being "stupid." and a very courageous stomach bug known for making cruise passengers sick is spreading quickly across the united states right now. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room."
3:02 pm
when president obama named his new chief of staff today, he left the glass ceiling intact. no one has ever served in that powerful job as president's gate keeper. why does it matter right now? as the second term begins, a lot of people paying close attention to the number of women in the obama administration, and some believe the president needs to do a better job. let's bring in chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. the president trying to show he's sensitive to those concerns. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. in naming dennis mcdonough, he history. the same day he named his chief of staff. >> when he helped set up my senate office along with pete rause, he was able to show me where the restrooms were. >> reporter: four women named to
3:03 pm
senior white house posts, including prosecutor lisa monaco to be white house homeland security adviseser. a down payment on this assurance. >> i would suggest that everybody kind of wait until they've seen all of my appointments, who is in the white house staff. and who is in my cabinet. before they rush to judgment. >> even if women fill all of the administration's remaining posts there, is the question of priorities. in the inaugural address, the president promised to expand opportunities for gays and less byians, immigrants, and women. >> our lives are not complete until our wives, mothers and daughters eastern daughterse earn a living equal to ours. all must enjoy the same rights and the same protections. >> reporter: he also met with immigration advocates urging quick action. when it comes to women, nothing specific. >> i don't have a -- a preview
3:04 pm
for you for future actions, but, again, his record is strong on this. >> reporter: women were 8% of the election for ate that brought him into office, and you don't have a single policy agenda item that you can point out to that he promises to act on. >> women to women's equality is incredibly strong. >> reporter: there are bills the president could press congress to pass now. the paycheck fairness act would make it easier to fight salary discrimination without losing one's job. a second bill would require paid sick days and family medical leave which would benefit working women if congress doesn't act, the president could use executive action and require government contractors to implement these changes, the president's supporters in the women's movement are optimistic. >> i think the words the president said in the inaugural were not empty words. we intend to fight for it. no reason for this to be held
3:05 pm
up. >> reporter: now, wolf, the president has previously supported the paycheck fairness act and the administration points out consistently obama care made health care more affordable to women in general. he will no doubt support women's issues and expanded equality. the question is, where will it come in the list of priorities? i should also point out, we're reporting silva matthews bruell, a woman who held several senior posts in the clinton administration is the obama administration's leading contender to run the omb. wolf. >> office of management and budget. thank you, jessica yellin for that. indicakate bouldin is here. >> he is pushing to ban more than 150 types of assault style weapons. joe johns is looking into this it goes without saying, the vice president is facing a very
3:06 pm
uphill battle. >> absolutely true. talking gun control or as the white house likes to call it gun safety. he went to richmond, the heart of gun country, to talk about it the backers of the newly proposed assault ban are trying to come up with some messaging that could badly gin up support in congress. in an uphill battle for the assault weapons ban, both vice president biden and congress are making one things clear. >> the bill protects hunters and sports member by protecting 2,200 specifically named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes by make and model exempted from the legislation. >> reporter: the goal is to get hunters on board early by assuring them their guns are safe. >> none of us want to take away the hunting rifle that uncle tommy gave you when you were 14 years old. we don't want to do that.
3:07 pm
>> reporter: it's seen by some pro-gun rights advocates as divide and conquer. a strategy to splinter a key part of nra constituency and sway parts of congress from positive gun parts of the country to sign in. >> the ability of a member, particularly one with struggling with difficult politics at home. the ability of that member to go home and have that factually based conversation with people in the audience who may start out angry, but then to get them to feel better when they know their gun and their shooting buddies' guns are protected, makes a big difference. >> reporter: here is the problem. for the growing number of sports shooters who use so-called assault weapons and extended magazines at firing ranges or for hunting. they wouldn't be able to buy ar-15s and many other rifles anymore. >> most sportsmen are using some other type of weapon, there are also recreational shooters and many of them engage, myself included, in the occasional shooting of an ar-style rifle.
3:08 pm
>> reporter: it's clear the national rifle association isn't getting on board with any of this. as executive vice president wayne la pierre said in a speech this week. >> we believe in the right to defend ourselves and our families with semi automatic firearms technology. >> reporter: which raises doubts when the proposal can even pass in congress. biden and others have a fallback position, focusing on magazines and ammunition instead of the weapons themselves which could also affect hunters and sports shooters. >> i'm much less concerned quite frankly about what you call an assault weapon than i am about magazines and the number of rounds that can be held in a magazine. >> reporter: so the question is whether the divide and conquer strategy is working in order to support the ban. the nra says no, and their own phone survey of 1,000 members which was done a month after the newtown shooting shows the vast
3:09 pm
majority of respondents opposed banning semi automatic weapons. long way to go. >> very long way to go. stay on top of it. good report, thanks, joe. a new glimpse from space of the place where north korea's defiant leader may carry out the latest nuclear threat. kim jung un, directly confronting the united states. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: north korea's latest saber rattling. threatening the south just one day after pyongyang said it will lob missiles at the u.s. and conduct a new nuclear test. leaving no doubt that leader kim jong un, isn't giving up his father's nuclear program. >> they have the capability, frankly, to conduct thesetists in a way that make it very
3:10 pm
difficult to determine whether or not they are doing it. >> reporter: there are signs they are ready to test, if ordered. >> the north koreans are maintaining a fairly high state of readiness at the test site. if the order is given from pyongyang to go ahead, they could probably conduct the test in a few weeks. >> reporter: satellite imagery shows a tunnel entrance where the device may undergo final assembly. a bunker for personnel and equipment. and a communications network to make sure the order to detonate can be carried out. north korea's weapons grade inventory is believed to include plutonium for up to 12 devices and enough enriched uranium for 6 more. how dangerous is all of this? >> we're years away from north korea having the capability to deliver a nuclear war head on a missile, even to a country as close as japan and south korea, and even further away from
3:11 pm
having a long-range missile that could hit the united states. >> reporter: but the nuclear threat is a lot closer than iran's. north korea has nuclear devices, iran does not. north korea has weapons-grade material. iran does not. and north korea has tested long-range missiles that could carry a nuclear war head. iran has not. in a new test, the north korean regime has to show its bomb design actually works. a 2006 test basically fizzled. a 2009 test worked better. half as powerful as the bomb that destroyed hiroshima. if it went off at the u.s. capitol it would obliterate two square miles. many experts believe if they see this continued pace of activity at this site, that is now seen on satellite imagery, a test could basically happen at any time. wolf, kate. >> the pentagon keeping a close eye on that. late word on pretty huge layoffs
3:12 pm
at the pentagon. what can you tell us about that? >> with the looming budget crisis on capitol hill, the plan is now in place we're told. and what it looks like is this. about 46,000 contract temporary workers essentially civilians, looking at being laid off in the coming days, and the full-time civilian workforce, about 800,000 people, they are looking at furloughs. furloughed one day a week off the job for the last 22 weeks of the fiscal year. that basically takes them through september. this looks like if congress doesn't get a budget deal it will hit hard, very hard, at the pentagon. kate. >> hitting every sector of the government. that's for sure. barbara starr, thank you very much. still ahead, republicans complaining that the president is launching a new era of liberalism. we'll discuss if there is truth to that. and find out what happened when lightning struck a plane in flight.
3:13 pm
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3:15 pm
the president is preparing to give his state of the union address 2 1/2 weeks from now. republicans are claiming his second-term agenda is claiming that the era of liberalism is back. i spoke with senior political analyst ron brownstein, editorial director at "the national journal." listen to highlights from the president's inaugural address that underscore more progressive or liberal agenda potentially. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. a path toward sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult.
3:16 pm
but america cannot resist this transition. we must lead it. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> all right. he laid out a pretty -- >> yes. >> -- impressive liberal agenda there. >> a clear path that goes back over a year, if you think about it, from the fight on contraception and health care, to legalizing the dream act students, to comprehensive, embracing gay marriage, gun control, climate change, even women in combat. he has clearly crossed a rubicon. for most of the past four decades, democrats are concerned about many issues about going too far and alienating blew collar older and rural white voters, president obama won re-election despite huge deficits among those voters and
3:17 pm
a clear sense of him being unshackled from the coalition and reflecting the priorities from the modern democratic coalition. there is a clear pattern here, a clear challenge for his party and the republican party. >> did he surprise you in the inaugural address? >> no. as i said, it continues the direction he's going. john king pointed out. many of the issues, congressional politics are difficult. on the other hand, wolf, what the president is doing is identifying a kind of solidifying the identification of the democrats with the priorities of the coalition that has proved a majority in five of the past six presidential elections and there is risk for republicans here too. if they systematically block the president's initiatives, they deepen the distance between themselves and the growing groups of a democratic majority. >> faces a tough challenge on guns. what about on climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, gay marriage? how difficult will those issues
3:18 pm
be? >> the coalition on these are very similar. the groups that support him and oppose him, the regions that support and oppose him are remarkably similar. the one where he has best prospect is immigration reform. there are enough republicans, jeb bush, for example, that see value for the party in trying to settle this. on things like climate and guns, much harder to bring along republicans. again there, is a price here. if republicans systematically block him it might be good congressional politicians, different at the presidential level. this is supported at the core, all growing at the share of the electorate and republicans have to cut into that to win at the white house. it may be tougher for them at the presidential level, even if the president can't pass all of these ideas. >> terrific article in "the national journal." ron, thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. still ahead, actor burt reynolds in intensive care.
3:19 pm
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don't wait, sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ another image. kate here with that and more of the day's top stories.
3:22 pm
>> the hits keep on coming, wolf, i guess this week. the tech giant edged out by exxonmobil, takes over the title of the world's most valuable company. apple share s have been on a losing streak since september. from $705 a share to $440. as a result, apple's market capitalization, $413 billion, about $5 billion less than ex n exxonmob exxonmobil's. the question, will he enhail? tom tancredo will keep a promise he made last year to share a joint with someone if colorado legalized marijuana possession and it passed. at the time, tancredo says it was a way for republicans to lend their support for less government.
3:23 pm
this wasn't turbulence. it was lightning striking the jet. the plane's engine caught fire. amazing. one passenger took this video during the terrifying moment last night in the skies over turkey. fortunately, the pilot managed to land the plane safely. very good news for everyone on the flight. burt reynolds in intensive care in a florida hospital. a spokesperson says he's getting treatment after developing flu symptoms. the 76-year-old star of films including "smoky and the bandit" and "deliverance" is doing better and expected to get out of icu soon. >> we love burt reynolds. >> a legend. >> icon. >> get well, burt. the republican national committee chairman agrees that his party has to make major changes. republicans have been acting stupidly. i'll ask him. we're learning about a new career move for sarah palin. stand by for that.
3:24 pm
and a highly contagious virus, spreading across the country, is it easy to stop? doctors right now are very worried.
3:25 pm
3:26 pm
happening now, hand sanitizer probably won't protect you from a supercontagious stomach bug. we'll tell you five ways that will help you stay healthy. a new first in hillary clinton's relationship with president obama, as she gets ready to step down as secretary of state. and new york city apartments get even tinier. could you live in a space smaller than some hotel rooms? i'm wolfe blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
3:27 pm
some top republicans aren't mincing words about the parties' problems during their winter meeting in north carolina right now. one gop star is going so far to suggest that the party has been stupid. i asked the newly re-elected rnc chair about that and more. joining us now, the chair of the republican national committee. thank you for coming in. congratulations on getting re-elected. how do you feel about that? >> well, i feel great about it. but with a great opportunity, i think that comes incredible responsibility. >> i listened to bobby jindal, the louisiana governor, a republican, maybe someday a presidential candidate. he is mincing no words in criticizing the republican party. listen to this. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious. time for a new republican party that talks like adults, to articulate our plans and our
3:28 pm
visions for america in real terms. no secret, we had a number of republicans that damaged the brand with offensive and bizarre comments. we had enough of that. stop insulting the intelligence of voters. we need to trust the smart of the american people. >> brutally tough words from bobby jindal, a man you know, a man i know. what is your response to that kind of criticism? >> i mean, he was my dinner mate at the speech, wolf. he endorsed me, and i clapped at his comments. it's true. i was on your television show when some of those idiotic comments were made. we got to let everybody in the door, wolf. have to be a happy party, a growing party, we have to be positive. right on the economics, but i think it's time to inspire with a smile, talk to every american, no matter what state are you in, and start building a party of a concept of addition and mul
3:29 pm
multiplication, and that's why i invited bobby to give that speech. >> he was referring to some comments that todd akin gave, richa richa richard murdouck about rape and women's rights. that hurt the republican brand. now do you avoid that down the road? >> obviously, some of the things happen, and you can't carpet the world, as much as you try to, and you want everything to be perfectly done and you want candidates to have comments coming out of their mouths that don't embarrass the party, but in those particular cases, those are one offs and people understand, that's not our party. but this is about moving forward, wolf, and growing the party. and i think that you will see a renewed resurgence in that sort of, you know, party that -- that
3:30 pm
celebrates the american dream, the constitution, liberty, but we do it by being right on the specifics, and we do it with a smile too. i think that is something you will see a lot more of in our party. >> here is another clip from bobby jindal, the louisiana governor. and he mentioned that 47%, you remember, mitt romney, referred to that 47% in that closed door dinner he last year, down in florida, let me play this clip. and then we'll discuss. >> we've got to compete for every single vote. 47% and the 53% and by the way, any other combination that adds up to 100%. president obama and the democrats can continue to divide those with competing interests, but we as republicans will have none of it. we'll go after every vote and work to unite every american. >> the point he was trying to
3:31 pm
make, the republicans in the last election lost the vote among women, lost the vote among young people, minorities, not only african-americans but hispanics. won the white male vote basically. how do you turn that around and bring in new faces into the republican party? >> well, i think most of that is a real demographic problem. and i agree with bobby jindal. if you look at how we're doing with hispanics and african-americans, it wasn't good in november. you know what? you get to ask for the order in order to make the sale. and that's why i agree with bobby said. i said very similar things in my talk today to the rnc, we'll end the idea of a red state and blue state analysis, anyone can do this. go look at the electoral man of 1988, california red, illinois red, vermont, new hampshire, maine, delaware, maryland. all red. and so i think what it tells us is that we can compete in every
3:32 pm
state across america. 30 governors that represent 315 electoral votes. if scott walker and chris christie can win in wisconsin and new jersey, we can win during the presidential election too. we have got to ask for the order, and you can't just do it nine months before a presidential campaign. we got to start now, and you build by having a consistent, ongoing presence and relationship in community across america. and i think that captures where this party is going. >> the first time we've spoken since colin powell himself, a republican, made those brutally candid comments on "meet the press." including this. listen to this. >> there's also a dark -- a dark vain of intolerance in some parts of the party. what die meo i mean by that? i mean by that they still look down on minorities.
3:33 pm
>> pretty strong words. go ahead and respond to the former secretary of state. >> i respect him a whole lot and his service to our country, but he doesn't speak for our party. i speak for the party and it's just not the case, but what i would say is there is intolerance, and i think in many different aspects of society. always have to be dealt with. i think we have work to do. to me,'s a matter of reag out, communicating, of a consistent, ongoing presence. that's what we're going to do. >> reince priebus, thank you so much for joining us. newly elected as chair of the republican party. >> you bet, wolf. thanks. sarah palin's days as a fox news channel analyst seem to be over. a source close to palin says she was offered a new contract in
3:34 pm
recent days after her deal expired at the end of the year, but palin turned it down. a statement says the following "we have thoroughly enjoyed our association with governor palin. we wish her the best in the future endeavors." start the rumors. what does that mean? >> sarah palin no longer at fox. a new strain of a stomach bug spreading right now. one of the most renowned virus in the world, dr. anthony fauci, standing by to explain why this illness is hard to avoid. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
3:35 pm
today is going to be epic. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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3:37 pm
it's getting tough to stay healthy this winter. first the flu epidemic, and now a supercontagious virus. >> no shot you can take to protect yourself from this bug, and other traditional forms of prevention don't seem to work either. lisa sylvester with the unsettling details. what are we talking about? >> kate and wolf, a nasty new strain of the noro virus. it was dedutected first in australia spreading rapidly in the u.s. the flu is a respiratory virus, the noro virus hits the
3:38 pm
intestinal tract. there have been several outbreaks on cruise ships in recent years. the norovirus, a stomach bug. we're at the height of the season with a new strain. it's spread through food or drink that's been contaminated. you can get it if you touch a contaminated surface or object and put your hand to your mouth. symptoms include oobdal cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue. it hits you all of a sudden. >> very contagious. multiple epidemics of it, and other than cleaning the area, there is not so much you can do about it. >> the norovirus is so contagious, because it's so hearty. the typical disinfecting wipe, normally that would be fine, for instance with the flu virus, not the case with the norovirus. you really need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. and when you wipe down surfaces,
3:39 pm
make sure you use a bleached-based solution. >> most people recover after a few days. in rare cases it did be fatal, particularly for the very old and very young and those with weaker immune systems, according to the cdc, there are more than 20 million cases of the norovirus each year, resulted in about 800 deaths. >> so infectious and requires such a low concentration of virus, it's raply spread through the population. you see it in cruise ships, dorm stories, places where people are in close proximity. >> reporter: top five ways to protect yourself. wash your hands often, wash fruits and vegetables, cook she will phish thoroughly. clean surfaces and wash soiled laundry. when you are sick, don't prepare food or care for others. with the flu, you can get a shot. but there isn't a vaccination right now for the norovirus and no way to treat it the best bet
3:40 pm
is prevention. >> we'll get into more details into this right now. a serious subject. lisa, thanks very much. let's bring in one of the world's most renowned virus experts. dr. anthony fauci, nih. joining us now. if you get this norovirus, it hits you, what do you do? >> well, you try to stay as well hydrated as you possibly can. as you just mentioned correctly, it's really characterized by explosive vomiting and diarrhea. one of the problems you can get into, particularly true with young children and elderly and people with debilitating conditions, just try and stay calm, stay in bed if you have to, and keep yourself well hydrated. because you likely will lose a considerable amount of fluid. lasts anywhere from one to three days, and really quite distressing if you ever had that, you will see this is quite a disturbing illness and can be very certain in certain people. >> you mean water or any fluids?
3:41 pm
just have to drink a lot, that what you are saying? >> you have to not only water, but have to have electrolytes. many types of drinks that contain the proper electrolytes. gatorade type of drink. don't fall into the dehydration situation. >> how fatal can it be? who is most at risk? >> it can be fatal. as you just mentioned, about 20 million cases in the united states and about 70,000 hospitalizations and about 800 deaths. the people most at risk are very young children and the elderly. as well as people with certain debilitated conditions. those are the ones you have to be careful to make sure you make sure you get them rehydrated. sometimes having to take them to the hospital and rehydrate them with intravenous as opposed to oral hydration. >> this strain was identified first in australia back in march. how concerning is it now that it's showing up in the u.s.?
3:42 pm
>> well, january in the winter is the time when it really peaks. these types of breakouts peak in winter and january is a typical month every two or three years, the strains change. one of the very interesting things about this particular virus is that just like influenza, a totally different type of virus, it changes, it mutates, very easily mutates, so you could be infected one year with one type of norovirus and then a couple of years later, get exposed and being infected again. not like you get infected once and you are protected for the rest of your life. you can get infected with this multiple times over a lifetime. >> is that why so far there is nov vaccine for this? is one being developed? or is it just a tricky virus? >> first of all, it is clearly a tricky virus. there is a considerable amount of work and a reasonably
3:43 pm
promising candidate vaccine right now that is being worked on. the nih was collaborating with a company in the early trials on this, and so far it looks promising, but we don't have a vaccine ready for distribution widely. >> often called the stomach flu, but not really a flu. is it connected to a flu? why do we call it a stomach flu? >> well, i don't know why we call it a stomach flu, wolf, but it's certainly not flu, influenza. people use the word flu in a very careless way. sometimes as we discussed on the show, people have colds, rhino virus, ahead virus, adeno virus and they call it the flu. calling it the stomach flu is really a misnomer. it has nothing to do with influenza as we classically know it. not related to influenza. >> one final question before we let you go. it's a lot more contagious,
3:44 pm
though, than the flu, is that right? >> oh, absolutely. it is truly one of the most contagious viruss that inflicts human kind. as few as 17 to 20 particles can infect someone and when you have it in the stool or vomit, a gram of it can have billions of particles. it's really very, very easy to transmit this particular virus. >> dr. faum fauci, thank you very much. from foes to allies. the moment the ice thawed between president obama and hillary clinton. and the secretary of state sporting new eye wear lately. but not just for glasses have th her health. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit.
3:45 pm
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just days before hillary clinton steps down as secretary of state, she and president obama are doing something they have never done before, a joint tv interview. a brand new clip from their sit down with cbs' steve croft for "60 minutes" this sunday. >> why did you want to do this, a joint interview? >> the main thing, i wanted to
3:48 pm
have a chance to publicly say thank you. i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. wish she was sticking around. but she has logged in so many miles, i can't begrudge her wanting to take it easy a little bit. i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she's played during the course of my administration, and a lot of the successes we've had internationally have been because of her hard work. >> a few years ago, it would have been seen as improbable, because we had that very long, hard primary campaign. but, you know, i've gone around the world on behalf of the president and our country. and one of the things that i say to people, because i think it helps them understand, i say, look, in politics and in democracy, sometimes you win
3:49 pm
elections, sometimes you lose elections and i worked very hard, but i lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary of state, and i said yes, and why did he ask me? why did i say yes? because we both love our country. >> that interview, giving us another window into the obama/clinton window really evolving since they were presidential rivals. barack obama and hillary clinton have faced questions together before. here in a 2008 presidential debate with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> i don't want to just end the war, but end the mind-set that got us into war in the first place. that's the kind of leadership. >> and, of course -- >> senator clinton, that's a clear swipe at you. >> really? >> back then, it was a very different relationship. in the midst of an already bitter rivalry. >> i was working on those streets, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at
3:50 pm
walmart. >> you were practicing law and representing your contributor, refco, his slumlord business in inner city chicago. >> reporter: that relationship quickly changed. >> i endorse him and throw my full support behind him. >> reporter: just as hillary clinton showed her support for president obama, obama showed his faith in clinton. >> i have no doubt that hillary clinton is the right person to lead our state department and to work with me in tackling this ambitious foreign policy agenda. >> reporter: what was hillary clinton's initial reaction when you told her, look, we're actually considering you as a possibility for second retary o state? >> she didn't believe it. >> reporter: one of clinton's closest aides. >> i e-mailed her after hearing it from two reporters, and her
3:51 pm
reply was something akin to not for a million reasons. >> why not just say no? >> i think she did or came aw l awfully close. the president was very per persuasi persuasive. >> reporter: clinton was quickly confirmed. how would she get along with th campaign? could she work for him? >> everyone expected, including myself, that there would be a lot of division, a lot of secretary clinton going behind the president's back. >> reporter: so was there any tension coming in between the two people at the top? >> i think everyone's been surprised. >> reporter: surprised that, while secretary clinton and president obama have been separated often as she travels the world, they have maintained a unified front. >> they very early on set a tone of, this is how it's going to be. she is my secretary of state. and from her point of view, he
3:52 pm
is our president. and she brooked no anything secretary to that. >> reporter: so what was that moment that you think crystalized their relationship if. >> they were in denmark for a climate change conference. >> reporter: obama and clinton believed china and other countries resisting a pollution standards agreement were meeting in secret. >> president obama and secretary clinton were talking kind of alone, you know. in some hallway. and he said, let's go. and she said, let's go. >> reporter: so they just kind of barged in? >> they kind barged in. they said, hey, guys, what are you doing? what's going on here? we're here. and they got the deal done. >> reporter: they got that deal done and went on to three more years sharing success, controversy, even tragedy, as close partners. >> and i think, you know, there are not a lot of people in the
3:53 pm
world who go through what they do. and, you know, it's the president h.w. bush/bill clinton relationship. it's carter/ford. mcenroe/conners. whatever it is when you're on the court after the fact you're like, hey, you're more like me than not. we're bonding. for good. bad, we've been put together. and it's always going to be like that. >> it's really amazing, rivals to partners and really friends to work really watch the evolution under the spotlight of this friendship between these two people over the years. >> and the fact that they were willing to have her exit interview together with the president on "60 minutes." >> big endorsement which i don't think is going to, again, tamp down any more -- tamp down further any rumors about 2016. >> i think he's grateful to her legitimately -- >> i think they're legitimately surprised about that probably too. also surprising to some people, wondering why secretary clinton
3:54 pm
has started wearing these glasses. these black glasses all the type. a top aide tells cnn her doctors have actually ordered her to stop wearing her contacts at least for a while because of lingering issues after her concussion and blood clot in the head. we're told with her glasses, clinton sees just fine. >> glasses are very nice. i like her glasses. erin burnett's going "outfront" with details on a lawsuit involving a catholic hospital that says fetuses are not people. what's going on here? >> this is a catholic hospital, wolf, that is under a diocese, it is a truly catholic hospital, not just in name. but in practice. a man and his wife were having twins, she was seven months pregnant and was in the hospital, and they decided not to do a c-section. she ended up dying, as did the two twins. it's a tragic story, there was a wrongful death lawsuit filed, and the defense of that hospital, you said it, fetuses, sorry if i'm not saying that right, are not people. obviously it's something that could be perceived as incredibly
3:55 pm
hypocritic hypocritical. we talked to the father. marissa mayer. super mom, two-week maternity leave, setting the standard for all of us women, and she is the rock star of davos. >> looking forward to it, erin, see you then. some hotel rooms can be pretty nice. but could you live in a home the size of one? up next, how new yorkers are making the most out of very small space. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. to travel whenever you want. i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligations.g.
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imagine if you had only this much space to live it. not much space at all. your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen, all in about only 300 square feet. >> wow. it may seem small, and we're standing in it, it does seem small. maybe not in new york city anymore. let's bring in mary snow who has details. mary, this is a very small space. >> you know, kate and wolf, when you ask new yorkers, they joke they live in apartments the size of closets. even so, the city seems room to downsize. it's planning to add micro apartments to make space for the growing number of people living alone. in ra city tight on living space
3:59 pm
things are about to get tighter. this one room is living room, bed room, dining room, everything. >> everything. >> reporter: these full-time living quarters are a micro apartment. squeezed into an area the size of a modest hotel room. >> and there's the bed unit then if you don't want to look at the television you have a bar. at the same time you have a work space. and you have a desk. there are traditional ideas that have been updated in a very modern, sexy, italian way. >> i can do this. sort of. >> reporter: pay a visit to some new yorkers who already live in tiny spaces. that modern sleekness may be tough to maintain. >> clothes come down. >> reporter: this micro apartment, which is a museum exhibit, is 325 square feet. regulations currently require a minimum of 400 square feet for new units. but the city's going to bend that rule for a pilot project to build 55 micro apartments, making space for more people and reserving nearly